Thursday, June 12, 2014


Here is a good definition of privacy...

An individuals’ ability to determine how much, to whom, and when / for how long Information about themselves is revealed.

Here is another definition...
The right to privacy is our right to keep a domain around us, which includes all those things that are part of us, such as our body, home, property, thoughts, feelings, secrets and identity. The right to privacy gives us the ability to choose which parts in this domain can be accessed by others, and to control the extent, manner and timing of the use of those parts we choose to disclose.

I think the first definition cuts to the heart of the matter a little quicker with a more simple and accessible definition.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Privacy and the internet

A lot has been in the media recently about encrypting emails using gmail. But email isn't the only thing being looked at concerning your privacy. I decided for this blog post two show two inforgraphics. I have already talked about this subject in several blog post but showing the same information again on an important subject can't hurt.

Internet Privacy Tips Statistics 2014This Infographic was published on

Here is the last Inforgraphic on Privacy I have for this blog post.