Monday, October 1, 2012

Tulsa TechFest

When: 2012 Friday, October 12th, 2012
Where: OSU-Tulsa, 700 North Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106

9:00AM Topic: Digital Forensics: Advanced Threats and Changing Technologies
Recent years have brought about marked changes in the field of digital forensics forcing the practitioner to respond and adapt accordingly.  Frequently investigations will involve multiple agencies and cross domains coloring the way an investigation is conducted. New storage technologies require special handling to preserve evidence.  Evolving malware threats are forcing practitioners to examine unusual devices for evidence.
Speaker: Doug Gorden
Bio: Doug Gorden is an Information Security Analyst and a lead forensic specialist for ONEOK.  
He is also the owner / operator of Secure Investigative Services, a provider of digital forensic services.

10:30AM Topic: SQL Injection tools to help detect and prevent.
Speaker: Ted Ward
Bio: “Aviation antisubmarine warfare electronics technician” in the US Navy from 1987-1990
BS Computer Science Oklahoma State University Fall 1992 
Software developer at various companies from 1993-2002. PhD candidate Oklahoma State University expected graduation Fall 2013 and Author of open source applications AstroGrep and OSUQuiz.

1:00PM Topic: Web vulnerabilities and session hacks.
Speaker: David Crandell
Bio: Professor at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

2:30PM Topic: Demonstration of Digital Forensics
Speaker: Avansic
Bio: Avansic is a leading provider of e-discovery and digital forensics services to attorneys, litigation support teams, and business communities across the nation. We take a scientific approach to providing e-discovery, digital forensics, data preservation, online review, and expert consulting service. Avansic has its roots in academia; we were founded in 2004 by computer science professor Dr. Gavin W. Manes. Since then, we have created a reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and responsive specialist in e-discovery and forensics fields.

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