Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cost of a Data Breach and Information collected about you on the Internet.

While we wait, talk and complain about our governments intrusion into our private lives we do very little about the professional criminal who is breaking into our web sites stealing our data. Curious isn't it?

The Real Cost of a Data Breach

Ok, now about all that data that we make freely available so we don't have to pay for services like google, youtube, hotmail, etc. Remember when your mom and dad said there was no such thing like a free lunch? They weren't wrong.

  1. Google Street View has collected over 5,000,000 miles of images 
  2. 58% of people are unaware of how data is gathered and shared online by advertisers 
  3. Facebook collects over 500 terabytes of data from its users each day 
  4. 50% of iOS apps track your location 
  5. Free apps are more than 4x as likely to access contact lists 
  6.  87% of US adults can be tracked via their mobile device

  7. Internet Privacy: How Much Data Does the Net Hold on You?

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  1. Wow! Much of this I already knew, but there were a few surprises. Nice artwork by the way.